Organization Chart

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Carine Glas
Carine Glas (Schneider Electric)
Thomas Brenner
Thomas Brenner (Siemens)
Vice President

Steering Committee

  • President: Carine Glas (Schneider Electric)
  • Vice President: Thomas Brenner (Siemens)
  • General Secretary: Markus Winzenick (ZVEI)
  • Alexander Benedict (Benedict)
  • Kai Garrels (ABB)
  • Christof Spiegel (EATON)
  • Murat Eti (Legrand)

CAPIEL Roadmap / Convenors

Digitalization & IoT

  • PG4 Digitalization of Buildings / Convenor: Philippe Vollet (Schneider Electric
  • Task Force Power measurement / Convenor: Franck Gruffaz (Schneider Electric)
  • PG8 Digitalization of Industry / Convenor: Kai Garrels (ABB)
  • Cyber security by Philippe Vollet (Schneider Electric) & Kai Garrels (ABB)
  • TF: Communication Network / Convenor: Philippe Juhel SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC)

Product and Systems

  • PG1 Ecodesign – ErP / Convenor: Karl Hiereth (Siemens)
  • Joint Working Group CECAPI/CAPIEL: Sustainable Products / Convenor: Wim de Kesel (LEGRAND)
  • CPR (Construction Product Regulation) by Hélène Menou (Legrand)
  • PG5 Low voltage switchgear and controlgear - safety aspects / Convenor: Anette Wester-Odbratt (ABB)
  • PG9 New Legislative Framework / Convenor: David Main-Reade (Rockwell)


  • PG6 Communication / Convenor: Günter Idinger (EATON)


The organisation of CAPIEL will consist of:

  • The Plenary Committee
  • The Steering Committee
  • The project groups or task forces

Project Groups or specific Task Forces will be set up by the Plenary Committee, if and when appropriate. They will work within a framework defined by the Plenary Committee under the operational supervision of the Steering committee.

The President & Vice President

The President and the Vice-President shall be elected by the Plenary Committee for a period of three years amongst the Manufacturer’s representatives. The President and the Vice-President shall be eligible for one further consecutive period of one year.

The Secretary General

The Secretary General is a permanent member of one of the trade associations which is a member of CAPIEL. They are appointed and removed by the Plenary Committee.

Statutes & compliance charter

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