European Coordinating Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Switchgear and Controlgear

Smart grids: backgrounds

Today's energy market is undergoing a major transformation, driving a transition from conventional grids to smartgrids.

The energy ecosystem is in a complete transformation. The energy challenges of the 21st century such as energy conservation, massive use of renewable sources, are pushing a more intelligent, interconnected grid. In one word "Smarter Grid".
This transformation is not only impacting the utility systems, but also the way homes, industries and buildings use their energies.

LV electrical systems have to adapt to meet these new requirements, and CAPIEL players have prepared this future in their offer.
These animations will present in a simple, understandable manner this transformation in a general way, and then specifically how buildings, homes, industries evolve to be smarter

What are smart grids? How do they work?

Discover how the energy ecosystem is evolving to become smarter with bi-directional flows of energy and data, new actors and new market organization.