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Dear readers,

It's been over two years that this website is active, informing you about the broad work of CAPIEL related to the defense and promotion of our European electrotechnical industry for low voltage switchgear and controlgear. Numerous publications, leaflets and news were issued, related to subject as various as sustainability, ethics, efficiency of motors, smartgrids, and much more. We do hope that you find them of interest, and that they brought value to your activities and businesses.

More than ever, in our modern world it is all about energy efficiency and energy management, for a more sustainable environment. This is not a fashion, but a long term trend that will influence more and more all economical and geopolitical decisions. Carbon footprint, energy policy and economical viability will increasingly be correlated to our ability to better manage the energy, and make it more efficient.

To this extent, CAPIEL has a central role to play in Europe and beyond. Defending our ethical values, promoting greener materials and processes in our industry, shaping the low voltage part of the future smart grid, going for more efficient motor control systems,... these are just examples of the kind of subjects, for which CAPIEL will leverage the best experts to promote our vision of a more efficient electrical word.

It is a great pleasure for the two of us, as President and newly appointed vice-president of CAPIEL, to invite you to browse inside this website ; we are committed to enrich it and continue to publish documents relevant to our industry.

This is just the beginning; we hope you'll find it of a great interest!

Karlheinz Kaul

Karlheinz Kaul

Markus Harlinghausen

Vice President
Andrea Donadel

Recent documents

WEEE2 Scope (Updated!)

The purpose of this CAPIEL paper is to help manufacturers to determine whether their products are or not ‘EEE’ according to the recast WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU), often known as WEEE2. Manufacturers have to analyze also when they have the role of ‘producer’ according to the Directive in order to determine when they are responsible to report for that products.

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Electronic Product Data – Too Many Formats

Delivering electronic data about CAPIEL products is becoming mandatory in many areas. The current situation about delivering data in agreed common formats is not satisfactory, mainly due to multiple emerging formats that are requested. This document outlines the situation for CAPIEL manufacturers and gives recommendations how to handle the situation. Target audience is CAPIEL manufacturers, who face the problem today and want to prepare for the future.

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New Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

This guide addresses the applicability of the new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU to CAPIEL products. Several aspects of the directive are still under discussion by the European Commission, Member States and industry, and it is therefore possible that some parts of this document may change as further information becomes available.

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For a more ambitious Industrial Strategy in today's European Union


European Coordinating Committee of Manufacturers of Electrical Switchgear and Controlgear (CAPIEL) today comes together with over 90 other European industry associations and trans-sectoral organizations to make a JOINT DECLARATION for an ambitious EU Industrial policy

Manufacturing is the backbone of the European economy. The industry directly employs over 34 million people across the EU. Yet the share of manufacturing in total EU output has fallen in recent years. And despite the European Commission’s target of 20% European GDP to be delivered by industry by 2020, there is still a long way to go.

For employment, growth and leadership of European companies: it’s time for an ambitious and concrete industrial strategy at EU level. European industry is calling on the European Commission to reaffirm its commitment to manufacturing by pursuing an ambitious industrial strategy.

Download the Joint Declaration for more details, and look out for the campaign on Twitter under the hashtag #Industry4Europe.


Low voltage controlgear products and functional safety.

CAPIEL Project Group n° 5 has prepared a position paper to inform the CAPIEL members and machine builders the interpretation of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC to provide default values for reliability which can be used when making functional safety calculations.

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New LVD / EMC / ATEX / RoHS Directives

Although many of the horizontal issues are already addressed in the European Commission’s “Blue Guide”, questions still remain, and this document sets out CAPIEL’s understanding of the minimum recommended practices with regard to some of these frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

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European electrical equipment industry working to help protect consumers from unsafe and non-compliant products

CAPIEL and CECAPI, the European manufacturers associations for low voltage switchgear and control gear, electrical infrastructure, process and installation engineering, announced the launch of an initiative to help eliminate unsafe and non-compliant electrical products in Europe to protect people, goods and property : MSSI Electrical.

A formal launch event will be held at the Light & Building fair in Frankfurt, on March 14 this year, to engage with industry leaders, industry bodies, wholesalers, installers, end users, customs and government organizations.

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Industry 4.0 – What does it Mean for CAPIEL Manufacturers?

Manufacturing industry has entered in a new phase of changes, where digital technologies are integrated within the heart of industrial processes. Called Industry 4.0 or Industrial Internet of Things, these changes affect all players in the low voltage market. CAPIEL’s PG8 has analysed this from a customer perspective: If our customers start using Industry 4.0, what requirements will they ask us to implement?

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